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Why you should be running Spotify ads

In the early days of launching their paid advertising services, social media platforms lured people in with incredibly low prices.

As soon as they became more established with millions of active daily users, the focus on advertising increased as did the cost.

We're now in that early phase with Spotify. Get in there now to make the most of their super competitive pricing when driving traffic to your products and services.

'The shift in consumption from downloads to streaming has opened the door for developments in data-driven pod advertising.'

- Spotify

But affordability is only one reason you should be focusing your ad spend on Spotify. There's more..


As of 2020, there were over 15 million podcast listeners in the UK.

Overall, one-quarter of Australians age 12+ have listened to a podcast in the last month.

Half of Americans above the age of 12 have listened to podcasts. That’s 144 million and reach is growing steadily. (Edison Research)


66% of consumers today prefer podcasts over TV.


A Nielsen study for podcast advertising company MidRoll showed that podcast ads are 4.4 times more effective than display ads.


Mobile devices (65%) are the most preferred device for podcasts and the number of smart phone users has already reached 3 billion. Almost half the population of the planet.

This figure is only expected to climb over the next few years.


41% of listeners say they trust ads more if they hear them in a podcast.


81% report having taken action after hearing a podcast ad.

Additional notes:

Ads voiced by podcast hosts work well. Podcast listeners feel they have built a relationship and trust them. Ads that are relevant to the podcast topic are also more effective as you'd expect with any medium.

Finally, mid-roll placement is the best option. Listeners are more likely to skip pre-roll ads and often tend to stop listening at the end of a podcast, before post-roll and credits.

Spoon's Voices provide top brands with the best voice for a successful campaign.

The key to better results is a voice your audience can trust.

Get in touch to discuss your next project or book now.




Edison Research


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