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How to choose the best voice for your brand

With an increasing shift towards digital pr, e-learning, video content and podcasting, demand for voice ad production has gone through the roof, but how do you choose the best voice?

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Here are 6 areas to consider when choosing the best voice for your brand.

1. Target audience and brand alignment

Knowing your ideal customer is of utmost importance.

If you’re selling footwear the voice you choose is likely to differ if providing high-end grooming products. You’ll often have to delve deeper to create a trusted connection and this is why detailed information about your ideal customer is so important.

You must know or be asking who they are, how old, where they live, why they shop with you, how much they spend, their thoughts on the competition, then sync your voice choice accordingly.

2. Recording quality and reel

Reviewing a voice reel is the quickest way to assess quality, experience, accent, tone and skill levels. A reel is often recorded by a third party, so a demo recording will also provide evidence of their current suitability, plus verify home studio recording quality, if that is also a requirement.

3. Reputation and influence

Tap into the network of your voice choice and use that to enhance the reach of your project.

Business director Rebecca Reeve-Kendall (Influencer marketing agency, The Fifth) has shared how ‘influencers can be valuable and authentic intermediaries for brands at this time because they see themselves as part of a community and know what their followers enjoy’

Checking IMDB, awards and credits in other industries give you an idea of the type of audience your voice choice already has and can really make a difference.

4. Professionalism

Basics around timely responses, high quality delivery and if fit for purpose is often dealt with by an agent, but also important to know when going direct.

Membership to unions like Equity, SAG-AFTRA or casting platforms like Spotlight can help with checking professional skills but a peep on social media can also give an idea of personality and if you’ll gel in the booth too.

5. Trustworthiness

Authenticity and trust should be a priority.

It’s how you will connect deeper with your audience. It’s also important in other areas of the business. Sticking to NDA rules, client confidentiality and transparency when deal making will set the foundations for healthy working relationships.

6. Long-term suitability

Is your voice choice capable of carrying your message for the time period you need?

Planning ahead to figure out the length of campaigns yet responding to how the brand evolves is also essential. This can save you time and money long-term.


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