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Have you written a book? Are you in the final stages? Stuck figuring out where to go next?

- We can format your manuscript for KDP

- Create and format your cover art

- Upload for a presence on Amazon

- Promote your release via social media

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Stories of female empowerment and triumph over adversity.

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Experience-based tips from Professional Voice Actors.

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Gritty memoir from an

ex-police officer with 25yrs service

Amazing Amazon Stats.

  • Approximately 10% of Amazon’s worldwide revenue comes from book sales (that equates to $28 billion).

  • Amazon is responsible for roughly half of all the sales of the big 5 publishers.

  • Memoirs and biographies were the top-selling genres on Amazon in 2022.

  • Amazon controls up to 80% of all book distribution in the US

  • In 2016, Amazon sold $4.3 billion more worth of print books than e-books.

  • The average book sells 200 copies in its first year and 1,000 over its lifetime on Amazon.​

- Source: 9th Nov. 2022


Come with what you have

and we'll hold the space for you to create ideas


Format your manuscript for KDP and get your book on Amazon.


Let the world know by building your social media presence.

We'll start from scratch or maintain what you have.

Colorful Books
Grammer Editing


We love memoirs, mindfulness

and books for children.

We only work with 3-5 clients at a time to ensure we maximise the attention and support we can give you.

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