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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Unless you are already popular it will help to have a good voice-over agent. Get experience using your voice in different styles and make a showreel to send to agents or direct to potential clients.

I do loads of accents and funny voices does that help?

Probably makes sense to be comfortable and skilled with what is natural to you. Having said that, if you are brilliant with accents, then they may be useful in situations where many voices are required like animations and video games. Just remember you have to be able to maintain the character or accent.
You never know what might come in useful, but voice-over is largely based on using your natural voice.

How do I get more experience?

Volunteering is a great way to build contacts and gain experience. Local radio, schools or hospitals. You can also create your own content and share via social media to build interest organically.

Do I have to be an actor?

Acting classes can teach you how to convey specific emotions and connect with what you read. Acting and singing lessons can also help with managing vocal dynamics. Mastering microphone techniques may assist even further as it is important to prevent over-projecting. Nonetheless, many voice-over artists have no theatrical training and have successful voice-over careers.

What training would you recommend?

No course can guarantee that you become a successful voice artist. Look out for one’s that include a reel in the cost and have credible reviews. A well produced voiceover reel should be enough to get the interest you want from an agent or potential client. Do your own research on courses and don’t part with your cash until you are totally confident they are reputable.

Where do I go for a showreel?

At Spoon’s Voices we focus on bookings for our artists. We don’t make showreels. We would recommend ‘Contacts’ via Spotlight at spotlight.com for listings of showreel producers and studios or contact Martin Fisher at Sonic Pond sonicpond.co.uk.

We think he is one of the best showreel producers in London. Guy Michaels is also another top reel producer worth checking out voice-reel.com/voicereel.

Spotlight also has other useful contacts for getting into the business, such as voice-over agents.

Remember to value your skills and make sure you’re being paid the correct fee for the job.

We are not currently signing new talent or accepting unsolicited visits, but we wish you all the best.