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6 Considerations for Voice Actors That Have an Agent

Our agency provides top brands with the best voice for a successful campaign. According to a 2017 voices report, the industry is worth $4.4 billion globally. Voice artists are thus seeking agents to get them a slice of the pie.

An agent is often highly revered, seen as a proverbial knight in shining armour able to make it rain bookings. The truth is, only a small amount of artists on any roster get the majority of the work.

But why? You have a great voice and your agent is so connected? 1. Clients want who they want. Your voice just may not be suitable for that brand, product or service. Also, to save time and money, it often makes sense to go back to an artist they've worked with previously. 2. Are there too many voices? On a large roster the attention is divided amongst all the other voices hungry for work. 3. Are your career goals aligned with your agents business model? You may have grand ideas about where you see yourself (and rightly so)

but if your agent is not on the same page, both of you will hit a wall of frustration. 4.

Are you in a non-exclusive deal?

Flexibility is great but the lack of commitment can also result in not having to work hard enough for you.

It takes time to service your reels and promote you. Patience and managing expectations, especially in the early days, is so important.

Nonetheless, a flexible exclusive deal means win-win opportunities can be negotiated but still require an agent to push your career or risk losing you.


Are you proactive enough?

You need to take responsibility for building your authority and influence.

If you're not running your own paid ads, making videos, podcasts, collaborating and creating a presence in other areas you'll be left behind and the best agent in the world will struggle to get you work.


Are you actively engaging in a practice of mindfulness

to deal with the challenges and avoid burnout?

None of the above matters if we're unable to overcome our fear of potential ridicule, perceived failure, running out of money, self-doubt and anything else that gets in the way of forging a sustainable career.

I believe self-care is the line between burnout and being our best. #GiveYourselfPermission #CreateYourOwnUniverse #voiceover

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